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Adam Benhamida
2014-09-11, 04:21
Mr. Richardson
Hello, I am a 15 year old guy that lives in America. I love what you do and was wondering if I could advertise your Sanctuary here. I could make presentations and present them for donations in my school and in cities. Please contact me if you would like this. I love what you are doing and will be honored to represent you here.
2014-08-29, 22:34
Hey I know this is a long shot. But I've dreamed since I was 4 to be around lions and tigers and be able to pet them and take care of them. I'm 16 years old and I really want to know what I can do to be just like you. I looked up to Steve Arwin all my life. I've been absolutely in love with lions. In a few years I want to travel to Africa because of all the wild life. I want to help as best as I can. I live in California but not for long. The only thing on my bucket list is hug a lion. I know you are busy with the amazing work you and your wife do but please let me know. It would mean so much to me.
Bettina Schaupp
2014-08-29, 07:16
Dear Mandy,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful time Claudia and me could spend with you. It was a unique experience and it has greatly enriched me to do work that I have never done before (such as collecting poo, which I really enjoyed – it is a kind of meditation - or preparing animal`s food). The nature, the animals and the wonderful people such as Jade and Jared made the stay so beautiful and unforgettable. The environment is incredibly beautiful and it was so relaxing to stay in the bush without computers, TV, etc and I enjoyed the calmness and peace so much! These two weeks and afterwards the week at Krugers (for a walking safari) filled up my batteries in a way I never considered it to be possible.

I admire Kevin very much for his work and for his passion and I am very happy and grateful that I received so much food for thoughts and new inspiration during my stay with you.

Thanks so much, Mandy, for all the work and the wonderful organization making the volunteering program possible! For sure I will try to be back again.

All the best for you, Kevin, all your wonderful staff and your lovely children!

Take care!
Julia Coke
2014-08-27, 06:32
Hi Mandy,
I arrived today to the rain and i already miss South Africa! Thanks you so much for everythings you do for me and for the volunteers! I was so an amazing experience, i'll come back for sure! Thank you also to Kevin for his kindess and for everythings he teach us about those beautiful lions and lionesses. Enjoy your day in the US and hope everythings gonna be okay for you and your family. Everythings were perfect !
Hope you the best
Best regards,
Clarance Spencer
2014-08-19, 14:59
Hello Kevin and Team ! A round of applause for your great work! I seen your movies on NatGeo ! And they were really inspiring! The way you show your love to big cats is really appreciable ! I have also a hardcore fan of big cats since when i got wits ! I am from INDIA and want to join your sanctuary ! I have just passed my Intermediate ( 12th) and is now willing to devote my life as a animal lover ! Other than big cats am huge fan of dogs ! Am very ambitious and passionate regarding dogs and big cats! The reason why i am writing my testimonial is that i really want to work with you and your team! Please sir its a humble request! I ll be wating for your response! Thank You!
2014-08-18, 02:42
Dear Kevin,

My name is Harry Sobel and im from a small town in New York. This year will be my second to last year in high school. For the last three years I have dedicated my summer to working in the animal hospital and it has completely changed my view and life. I can proudly say I know what I would like to do and I feel I can make a difference. I came across your story and Facebook page and instantly became amazed with what you do. i constantly show my friends and family vidieos of you running across with beautiful lions and I always tell myself that I want to do what you do someday. What you do and your efforts are truely inspiring. I am writing to you today woundering if there were a possibilty that could come work for free and learn from you next summer. It would truely be a dream come true. I really hope that you have the time to read this email and thanks for helping me decide what I want to do with my life.

From Harry S
Lion whisperer
2014-08-09, 19:01
Hi Kevin I realy have very little to say about the amazing work you have surrounded ur life around . I don't ever cry EVER but seeing you so close to such a beautiful animals is enuf to bring me to tees I would move mountins to get to you shake ur hand because you are the only person in history to ever do something to prove the would we need them and be 100% right for this last year Iv wanted to come and give my life to such an path but I don't evin know how to get started and that might be what hurts me te most that I might never get to do what u have done with ur life .. You have done something grate and I would move mountins to get there and do all I could to help I just don't know how to
Jose Davi
2014-07-29, 16:38
Hi Kevin I am your great fan, and Did You responded Me Please,
What Do You Do For The Lions love you both? Even I'm a big fan of You
And Please, If You Read This, Please Answer Me, Hugs From Your Great Fan

Jose David
2014-07-22, 19:08
I have very recently discovered Kevin's book "part of the pride"....I was hoping there was a website or some way I could contact you guys.
I have a few things to say and im not sure where to begin....first of all that book has changed my life. I agree with absolutely everything I read in that book and the experiences that kevin had were incredible to discover. I ADORE big cats, dogs, and other predators as they fascinate me like nothing else. I am not patient enough or brave enough to be so hands on like Kevin (Although I wish I was) but even watching them is such an only 18 and a little young but I am going to be doing my bachelor of science (maybe zoology...maybe behaviour study's not sure) and I would LOVE to volunteer at the sanctuary some day :) even just to take notes and observe! the way you work with those animals Kevin has inspired me...pushed me to really follow this passion I have and I would just like to thank you for the way you did what YOU thought was best and didn't let anyone change that. im extremely impressed by Mandy as well haha if my boyfriend did what Kevin do I might lock him up! I hope that one day I can make a difference in the life of animals as you have, if maybe in a different way.

Alexander and Julia
2014-07-07, 20:01
Well done, you good and doing the right thing!
Sherri Wright
2014-06-26, 06:01
There are no words strong enough to explain what your videos do to me & my entire being, they touch me deep in my soul. I feel the love so deeply. You, your videos & the animals confirm what I feel & know deeply, 1Love. & at the same time I feel deeply the sorrow & urgency to get things right, the way they are meant to be. You, your family & the animals are in my thoughts & prayers, God Bless.
2014-06-08, 09:39
heyy kevin.... first i want to tell you about my love for animals mainly lions. i wish you will read this whole testimonial because i am sharing my due love towards lions. i love everything about them. i want to serve them just as you do. i want to play with them, love them, take care of them, and be with them for my lifetime as much as possible. i am from india and there is no scope of my dream to come true in this country. so i want your guidance and your support. my ambition is to make a documentry on lion's life and also conserve tigers whose population is decreasing day by day in our country india. big cats are true heavenly creatures and i want to make my life good by making their lifes easy, secure and smooth. thank yuo kevin and i wish you will reply something to me. also i want to work with you please help me in making my such a great ambition come true.... otherwise my life will be very dissappointing as i will not be able to reach my goal and serve the wildlife...
Tanner Walston
2014-04-20, 05:49
Dear Kevin, I was wondering if someone could tell me how exactly to volunteer and what needs to be done for that. I've tried emailing the link above,, but have not gotten a reply. I'd really love to come and meet and care for these animals and their facilities and also learn more about you and how you came to this career and lifestyle. I hope one day I could have a bond like you do with an animal. Thanks a ton, Tanner Walston
2014-04-11, 00:11
Hi Kevin..I have always had a dream to volunteer in a place like yours which has lions. I have always been fascinated with lions and have visited Gir National Park ever since I have know what animal a Lion is.And trust me it's never been enough.Even at the age of 30 I can move in the forest to explore Lions. I live in California now and is there a scope I can come and work with you guys. I can take up a course or any training if requires.
Will be awaiting for your response.
2014-04-10, 09:37
I must say, it is really an amnazig adventure in Namibia. I also had my trip with my friends in Namibia. We were very fortunate in finding the elephants. we saw a docile male elephant that was resting under the tree and some female elephant were in search of the food. It was really great experience to visit there.Thanks for sharing such a memorable tour with us.
2014-03-27, 08:56
Hi kevin,
the one who influnced me is you. I love what you do for wild animal in Africa. My first passion is about wild life!
My one and only wish in my life is being a person like you living in wild lif and rescue lions and big cats, I wish that someday my one dream come true.
Thank you for inspiring me.
2014-03-02, 22:46
Hi Kevin, i found your website with the YouTube video of go pro, and after watching you, i was so much inspired, i wish i could live your amazing life teaching the world of how important all animals are in this planet ! I wish i could do something like donating money into helping and do something that would change the world on how important it is to ensure the life of all animals, but unfortunatly I'm only 16.. All i wish is for my 18 years is to visit you and the kingdom sanctuary ! I wish you the best in your life, that you and your family stay healthy !
Jenna Miller
2014-02-24, 03:49
I'm 17 years old and I guess I'm not sure exactly what I want to be when I get out of high school. The only thing in the world I can think of doing for a job and being happy doing is working with animals. I just finished watching one of your videos and you have truly made an impact on me. What you do for these animals is absolutely sensational and I look up too you. What your doing is my dream. All my life lions tiger cheetahs leopards they have always been the most beautiful creatures in the world to me and I had no idea that what you do was even out there. So I want to say thankyou for that video it truly made an impact.
johnathan hayre
2014-02-23, 04:44
hey kevin I am really inspired on what you do with the lions and animals and I am convinced that my destiny in life is to go and be with them ever since I was a kid I loved lions and elephants and tigers every animal I think of Ive looked up and researched my father grew up in Africa with a pet lion and I was amazed about that and still am and would love to get that feeling of enjoyment of hanging out with a wild animal and getting to know them. if you respond to me I would be very grateful and very excited if you would allow me to join you on a trip to the wild please email me back and we could come up with a time that I can travel with you it would meen the world to me if I can!
johnathan hayre
Ryan pet
2014-01-15, 01:15
I was inspired by your video going around the internet. I would love to help in every way i can! I want to follow in your foot steps and i am looking for the best possible route for me to take, in order to accomplish this mission you put forth ! Thank you
2013-12-06, 03:19
hi, i have watched you videos and i strongly agree with what you are doing with the wildlife in Africa. I live in america so i don't get that experience, but my family and i have rescues a few animals and restored them back to health. we own a small farm were we have three rescue horses, two cats, three dogs. I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing inspiration. I plan on going to collage for marine biology to help save the sea turtle population with is also declining drastically. thank you for helping save such a beautiful species.

with great love,
Fern Nathan
2013-12-05, 04:44
Hi Kivin,
Its been priviladge watching you with big cats. The passion you have for them is commendable. I wish i could be a part of your work.
All the very best for your missions.
2013-10-08, 08:35
Hi Kevin and Mandy,
Firstly I hope this email finds you both well as well as Tyler and Jessica. I am well and settled back into normality back at home in sunny Sydney. I wanted to write to thank you both for making my trip quite honestly the best experience I’ve ever had.
Mandy, it was a pleasure to meet you and I want to thank you for making coming to the Kingdom Sanctuary a breeze and worry free. It was so easy knowing that someone would be there to pick me up and drop me off and knowing that all the administration of my visit was something I didn’t need to worry about. Kevin, where do I start… thank you so much for putting up with my questions! J I am an inquisitive person (apparently have been since birth!) and just want to learn as much as I possibly can, and having the privilege to learn from you was one of the highlights of my trip. So thank you for your patience! Thank you also for taking the time out to meet with us and allow us to join you on your walk with Gabby, Bobcat and Thor. I’ll be completely honest in saying that I am jealous of your relationship with lions and other animals at the sanctuary, but having said that, it was an honour to be able to feel part of that experience in any way and I certainly respect the work that you do and the way in which you do it.
While on my trip I learnt a lot about canned hunting which has ignited something in me that I have not felt before. I feel I still have a lot to learn about this but from what I do know, I hope to be able to make a difference, even if it is a small one, by educating and bringing about public awareness of this horrible act of canned hunting. I was one of those people before I came that have always wanted to have that experience with a cub, playing with one, feeding one etc etc, but now I learn… at what price does that come… I hope to be able to encourage others to do their research thoroughly about places they intend on visiting and I strongly believe that even small changes and acts can make a difference.
The experience I had at Welgedacht and the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary was beyond words. I’ve been struggling to find suitable words, which is unusual for me, to describe the life changing experience I had there. From simply providing fresh water to thirsty animals, to cutting up food, to walking lions and leopards and bonding with striped hyenas, it was all incredible.
I finished reading your book. I couldn’t put it down. In some ways it was like reading an adventure story, not a biography of your life! I loved it and learnt so much about big cats in process. I have recommended it to all of my friends in Sydney!
I am hoping to return to Welgedacht (sooner rather than later) as I feel a week was nowhere near long enough. I do look forward to seeing you in Sydney and plan on buying my ticket to the Painted Dog Conservation event as soon as possible. It will be good to see you again Kevin and to say hello.
In the meantime, may I encourage you to continue on the path that you are walking by inspiring people like me and being an ambassador for the big cats of Africa.
Thank you!