Kevin Richardson’s unique relationship with some of Africa’s apex predators have opened many doors and captivated the imagination of many people throughout the world. He has presented and produced several documentaries that detail his relationships with the animals and highlight the plight of lions both in captivity and in the wild.


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Today we have a fabulous update that we are super excited to share.

Back in 2017 when Kevin went to Australia to speak at a few fundraisers for Painted Dog Conservation Inc, he met the lovely Harriet Batson. As you can see, 9-year-old Harriet was just a little excited to meet Kevin.

Well, fast forward 2 years and this incredible wildlife warrior singlehandedly raised $600 AND donated all that gorgeous hair to Hair With Heart, where it will be used to help people suffering from the effects of cancer treatment. And while you might think that a now 11-year-old girl would want to keep some of the money for herself, think again! She donated all the money to The Kevin Richardson Foundation!

Thank you, Harriet, for everything! With people like you in the world, it gives us hope for not only our wildlife but for the planet as well. And for the record, we think your new haircut looks AMAZING!

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It’s a pretty exciting day at #LionWhispererTv as we release our first ever #Podcast on the members channel. If you have not yet joined, check it out. There is a ton of content that is more in depth, and longer in length. And the monies from your membership allow us to take the time needed to create these videos, as well as go towards helping the animals in the sanctuary. For everyone else, we have a brand new #AskMeg which answers a few questions very close to our collective hearts. Have a fabulous weekend everyone, and for those who have Monday off, it’s the perfect time to disconnect and spend time with family and friends.

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